Mumbai ,  A bustling city which does not sleep , survive  ranges of weather. June  is the month  around which  the rains captivate the heat . Streaming  traces of happiness, beatitude and warm fuzzies when the skies come pouring bringing an inch of smiling curve on each one’s face inducing nostalgia amongst the Mumbaites.


Its  the  quiddity which rain creates that makes you fall in love with it .
Everything around you looks new and delightful .The freshly washed earth and the glistening  green leaves,  the sight of  charming birds taking dust bath just before the water pours  and enchanting songs they sing submerge you to a different world making you aghast and interrogating you “Are these things real or merely a hallucination?”

It makes  you want to bask every bit , whether its the aroma of the first rains that seduces  you to pour out your hidden desires, unleash your passion on a canvas with variant colors reflecting picturesque moods that the rains get you into or makes you take a pen and paper  and express  the unsaid feelings in to a rhyme or a poem.
Its the favorite month of most of the people in Mumbai . Its the season which makes the city even more beautiful . In this season voyage by a “Rickshaw” is altogether another new thrilling experience . ( The puddles everywhere give you bumps at 180 degree , why would you even feel like going to an amusement park there after ? 😛 ) .

Places like The Worli seak link , Bandstand etc. are worth a visit during monsoons. Its the time of the year where we get to see most of the social sites crammed up with monsoon updates . May that be with  photographs on Instagram, a selfie on snapchat, an update on facebook , a blog on a blogspot or a profile picture and a status on whatsapp. image

This is how i choose to pose at every serene beauty of rain with my loved ones.


This year we four (Eric , Nelwin , Myself, Rachel) celebrated the first showers of rain at Coorg , karnataka,India.

(one of our  instagram picture)


And this one with Anushka my lovely sister .

Rain and the company of your loved one’s mingles perfectly.

We see everyone carrying an umbrella . (As if there’s some told uniform for all the pedestrian’ s, everyone on the roads look such like) Watching the Kid’s in raincoats tracing their boats in the puddles  , splashing water amongst their friends enjoying every bit of rain is one joy. It  provides them a platform where in they can bring out the child in them without having to give any justification to anyone by jumping around freely .


Some people get out of their houses drenching  themselves in the nature to dance at the tunes of the rain drops , some  choose to go on a long drive with the company of their loved one’s and enjoy the rain drops falling on the window panes of the car with some old music in the background , what more could you possibly ask for?
Some take long walks across the sea to look at the huge waves dashing across the shore , some prefer playing football. (best season to play )


Some like me find reasons to get out of the house every hour with the bike key(so much fun it is ) to take a ride allowing the natural shower to pour upon you.


Some prefer to  be  cozy  at  home and enjoy the pitter-patter and spend their time  reading their  favorite book or some choose to  watch their favorite movie. It gives you an urge of having  pakoras and bhajiyas , piping hot masala chai by sitting at the window pane  looking at the marching clouds and changing colors of the sky . image

The rains definitely  take you on a poetic tour and bring forth the long lost memoirs and keeps you engaged in the train of thoughts and you suddenly thrust your fist in the air saying “Kya khubsurat din hai yeh” (what a beautiful day it is!) image

Aisi hai yeh humare Mumbai shehar ki barish. Har saal aapne sath sabke liye khushi le aati hai . Aaj Ke liye bas Itna.
Ab kuch chai pakoda ho jaye ? 😛 .
Agli baar phir mulakat hogi .
Tab tak ke liye Shubh Diwas. Namaste. (Photo source  : Google)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Camila says:

    Wow, you’re a marvelous writer. You describe the feeljngs so well, it’s like I’m there feeling the rain and everything it brigs with it. Congratulations…
    Greetings from Brazil ☺


    1. apai8296 says:

      Thank you , Camila.
      I am really glad , you enjoyed reading. 🙂


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