New Beginning..


I have completed my 18th year on this planet and since then my thinking cycle has been twirling rapidly .

It’s been wandering in search of abstract thoughts , passing ideas through different filters of my mind and into the hand and finally onto the computer screen thus keeping me engaged for most of the time.
It’s dynamically spinning as if  it’s running in some race , to get through the things which I haven’t dabbed my hand into.
Yet it’s more important than it looks to me.
It’s more like I haven’t seen the real world . Missed much more than what actually I could possibly reckon.
So here I decided to scribble down  a bit,which I possibly should have done years back. Anyway,as it is said by a great philosopher –

” Better late than never.”

So here goes some of the things which I have planned for the coming days

Well , So what’s first on my list ? Watching more movies , Surprised eh ? Never do I remember a day , where I have had said “come, lets watch a movie” with all that enthusiasm , that you would find in any ordinary teen around the world.  I would insist to ask any of my friends -cousin’s out there.
So yes,I am gonna start watching as many movies as I can.

2. Listen to more songs  . This one seems pretty convincing,considering that I am gonna start watching movies. listening to a music is not much of a big task , all I have to do is get an ear plug , few best collection of songs on my ipod and hook it up every time I step out of the house .

3.   Write more often than ever.
Before I’ve actually begun writing, there is no way I remember how good it feels to write. It isn’t possible. If I had this feeling of  accomplishment and sheer genius poised in my mind, ready to incite me to new heights, I wouldn’t spend my entire morning screwing around with various games and videos and social media accounts.Just think about it. And see if you can’t convince yourself that writing is a better use of your time than whatever it is you are doing.
It convinced me well , So I am here writing all of it without a second thought.

4. Read more than before.
I very rarely read and if I do I can finish 2 novels in a day.Not kidding , I managed to do this last vacation . But this happens only when I get clinged to books ,which is not very often. Otherwise, never.

5. Having chosen IT as my carrier, I quiet much feel the need of learning atleast one  computer language in the period of more or less two months .
To get good at programming, or arguably any non-trivial challenging skill, you have to spend a lot of time doing it. Hundreds of hours, perhaps even thousands. There is an innate pleasure associated with learning.
Programming is unique in a sense, in terms of how many opportunities it can present to solve a puzzle and how unpredictable puzzle resolution can be.

6. Would also want to bring back my strong  old relation with arts , craft and drawing, from which I had taken a break due to academics.(but that wasn’t forever.)
Art-lovers alike the happiest moments in life often involve creativity.It just makes me feel alive.
Picasso agreed with Thorea since he’s been quoted to have said
      “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

7. And finally to give some space to  myself, spend time with family,friends and of course, The Creator !

That’s all for now .

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