Golden Sizzling Life


In the recipe of your life,

Add two fistful of patience,
A bowl full of courage and confidence,
A few Julienne’s of perseverance,
A dice of sportsmanship,
A bowl full of grated commitment.
And pour a cup full of balance and flexibility in it.

Grind all of them in a cup of thoughtfulness and understanding.

Add to it one cup of tolerance with one cup of trust and loyalty .
Two handful of generosity.
Drain off all the fears and negativity
For seasoning sprinkle a bit of wit and humour .

Marinate all of them in a pinch of tenderness.
Glaze it with a smile to taste.
And keep it for baking in a good nurtured pan.

Garnish it with a dash of laughter
Moisture it with sudden tears of heartfelt sympathy.
Top it with the caramelized gratefulness

Serve the tangy-sweetend spicy  dish of your life in generous portions of love and kindness tossed with sweet and sour fellowship.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Indraneel Das says:

    Great work Anjali
    Keep writing brilliant stuff like these


    1. apai8296 says:

      Thank you 🙂


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