Under The Moonlit Sky

Come to think of it , true joy of a moonlit night is something we no longer understand. Only the humans of old, when there were no lights, would know the joy of a moonlit effulgence .


Imagine ,
You lying under the sky on the green carpet .
Looking up high ,
Staring at the blue blue sky
grow darker .
One stroke at a time
Into deeper and deeper shades of night.
Counting stars and Painting your dreams
On the creator’s big screen.
Spending time all by yourself
For it is the best company you will ever have.
How beautiful would that be?

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  1. Nelwin D'cruz says:

    Lying down on the field in a cloudless night is awesome. It makes you feel really small.

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    1. apai8296 says:

      True that, Nelwin. There is such a wide platform up there for little creatures like us to think big and make best of your life 🙂


  2. Thatsalesguy says:

    Was recently in Bhutan, one of the less destroyed places on our planet and that’s where I saw and felt the power of true moon light. Was in a small village which had no street lights but the moon to guide my way and luckily it was full as well. Its to live by for.

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    1. apai8296 says:

      Wow !! You definitely would have had a great time. I am waiting to be in such a situation atleast for once.


      1. Thatsalesguy says:

        Also more powerful elements like a sky filled with stars and the aurora lights are a phenomenon not to be missed.

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      2. apai8296 says:

        Ofcourse not , Such beauty is much more magical than anything .


  3. beebeesworld says:

    Thanks for reading my blog. I will follow your blog and invite you to follow mine! beebeesworld


    1. apai8296 says:

      I will 🙂


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