Giving up is not a good idea

Having a tough morning?
Well , why dont you  place your hand over your heart.
Feel that ,do you?
Hell, yeah !! You are alive for a reason dude.
That’s  called purpose.

Don’t give up !!
There are so many ways to be brave in this world.

Just be a little patient , a little brave.
Sometimes it may involve just laying down your life
for something you have always dreamt of , for something big
Something bigger than your present or sometimes for someone else.
It will get done somehow , just BREATHE !!

Don’t ever give up what you want in life.The struggle is worth it  -Ayn Rand

Sometimes it would be nothing but gritting your teeth through pain,
through a  slow walk towards a better and embellished life.

Sometimes there will be people in life
who treat you wrong.
Be sure you thank them
for making you STRONG !!

Sometime people around  wont understand you .
They don’t need to ,
the journey is yours.
Just make sure you enjoy every bit
 however rough your journey may get.

So here you go !!


  • Hesitate to ask questions.
  •  Fear to take chances.
  • Think over making mistakes.
  • Let anyone determine your self worth.
  • Give up before you are ready.
  • Complicate what you can simplify.
  • Dim your sparkle.
  • Make promises you cant keep.
  • Believe its too late to begin.


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