Issues of Energy Poverty

Do you know what energy poverty is ? Lets have a look and make a difference by contributing our bit 🙂


Poverty largely cohabits with energy poverty. While there are many definitions for energy poverty, a pragmatic view is that energy poverty is the lack of access to modern energy services. The divide between rural and urban India in terms of their access to electricity is quite stark. According to Census 2011, 80.7 million households in India live without electricity.

Issues of Energy Poverty :

  • Households and micro enterprises suffering from energy poverty often rely on polluting, in-efficient and expensive sources of lighting such as candles, oil lamps, AA batteries etc.
  • One may think these lighting sources are cheap but on the contrary it is exactly opposite. These under-served households and micro enterprises pay a relatively huge price on lighting alone
  • Living under energy poverty has negative impacts on health and safety, productivity and standard of living, which in turn stunts the socio-economic development of these under-served households and micro enterprises.

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