Piconergy Impact Story(4)

Let us all come together to make a small change in their life by marking a picture and the location of houses having no access to electricity with #piconergy in the comment


We work till quite late at Piconergy, spending a lot of time on the field when it is dark, sometimes walking upto 10 kms a day in search of places where we can make a difference. Every step shows us the world from a different perspective and teaches us something new. Let me share one such story which baffled us, and probably will puzzle you too.

During our field walks, we spotted this migrant family which lives on the Western Express Highway around North Mumbai. On approaching them, we found they were in complete darkness with their four children. During our sit down with them, we found out the only source of lighting they have is a small Nokia phone with a basic torch feature, which hardly can be put to any productive use.

Now comes the astonishing bit. This family spends 10 Rupees a day to chargeā€¦

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