Doodle 2 !

I have found my favourite way to pass time . Few strokes and baaammm , Surprise !! You have something unpredictable thing ready ! Anjali Pai

Doddle 1

             Because I love to doodle. Anjali Pai

Nature Walk !

Why is nature so beautiful ? Why does a short walk amidst nature under the gaze of the Sun , unhindered clouds have such a calming influence on my mind ? Nature is beautiful because it is manifestation of GOD’s joy . It tranquillizes me.  Makes me want to stay there forever . I do not have to IMPRESS…

Goodbye 2014 , Welcome 2015 !!

The year is coming to  close and it’s time to bid farewell to 2014. Before this year comes to an end ,let us take a few minutes to take stock of this year. It has been such a year of growth and meeting awesome people and capturing so much love .This year was a blend…

Giving up is not a good idea

Having a tough morning? Well , why dont you  place your hand over your heart. Feel that ,do you? Hell, yeah !! You are alive for a reason dude. That’s  called purpose. Don’t give up !! There are so many ways to be brave in this world. Just be a little patient , a little…

Diwali Wanderings.

The evening that darkens the sky. The stars that shimmer. The fireworks that dazzle. Row of oil lamps that flicker. The shine of diyas . The embellished rangolis in the veranda. The  tempting aroma of sweets. The chimes of door bell. The echo of chants. The fragrance of flowers. A smile on each one’s face….

Your life is what you make it !!

Life is dynamic. Its is queer with twists and turns, As each one of us sometime learns . It rains, it snows and is hot at times life is in the seasons , its about some change. We can either choose to stay the same way or steadily change our way . Life is not…

Anjali Pai

Under The Moonlit Sky

Come to think of it , true joy of a moonlit night is something we no longer understand. Only the humans of old, when there were no lights, would know the joy of a moonlit effulgence . Imagine , You lying under the sky on the green carpet . Looking up high , Staring at…

Golden Sizzling Life

In the recipe of your life, Add two fistful of patience, A bowl full of courage and confidence, A few Julienne’s of perseverance, A dice of sportsmanship, A bowl full of grated commitment. And pour a cup full of balance and flexibility in it. Grind all of them in a cup of thoughtfulness and understanding….