Real Love and Roller-Coasters

Lucy Loves Life

When you first begin to fall for someone, you fall in love with the way they make you feel. Does conversation with them stimulate you? Do they make you laugh? Do you feel an attraction to them? If the answer is yes, they make you feel pretty awesome, and so you begin to fall in love. This is all a pretty selfish, but necessary process. You spend months (maybe longer) trying figure out how this person makes you feel and whether or not they are worth your time. This stage is wonderful and if it’s going well, it offers a roller-coaster like high. The problem with wonderful roller-coasters is that they don’t last long, and there are plenty of other roller-coasters out there…aka, there is no longevity and that rush is easily replaced.


The good news is, if you truly begin to love someone, there comes a time when you’ve…

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