“This is something strange  : all religions teach love , and all religions end in hatred . All religions teach the brotherhood of man , but they only create enemies of each other . All religions teach that every man has potential right to reach God , but practically they say : Only our religion is the true religion. Yes , every man can reach God but he has to reach through our way  : Unless you follow Jesus Christ you have no chance . But the same is said by Krishna : ” If you surrender to me , leaving everything aside , I will take care of you , you need not worry ” . And the same is true about all the other religions . They seem to be competing shopkeepers  –everybody is trying to sell his thing : his holy book , his messiah , his God .

When religion reaches the highest peak  , then only is it religiousness… then it is the quality . Then it has no adjective to it . Then it has no tradition . Then it has no scripture. Then it has no theology. Then the origin is not in the past . And paradise is not in the future. Then both are within you. Then you have the fresh experience , and that experience will express itself in lovingness , friendliness and compassion . This religion will not bother about God : its concern will be compassion. This religion will not bother about heaven and hell . Its concern will be how to share its blissfulness . “

                                                                      —  THE SPEAKING TREE , 29 March 2015

We all belong to  one species .

Then why make a fuss over it ? Why do we discriminate ? Why do we always search for faults ?   Why do we fight over little things ?  Why do we disrespect ?  Why do we find opportunities to criticize ? Why do we play with each others  sentiments ?  Why are we branding each other ?

Where is the separation ? We all are born as a Human Being.

We are here to love one another , To accept each other  , To respect the differences , To forgive , To give generously and  live simply .

Pray with all your heart , not because you are in a trouble but because you have survived .

Pray not because you are asked to , not  because you are religious , not because of an occasion or not only because you need something but because you had a lot to be thankful for.

Be grateful for all that you have . For yourself , for your well-being , for your family , for your friends , for the strangers .

NEVER judge anyone by the religion  they belong to , by their qualification ,  by their wealth , by their  appearance .   Because a rich heart maybe under a poor coat.

 All the humans are unique in their own way .
Stop drawing boundaries of separation amongst one another .

Live peacefully and  Spread Love  🙂

Have a good day !!

Anjali Pai

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  1. Just Jude says:

    Thanks for sharing this poignent view of your thoughts on life and religion. I agree with what your saying with all my being. How can one religion be better than another when there are so many among the peoples of this world. Religion is divisive, a means to an end. That end is usually an excuse to conquer, enslave, beat down and kill people for self-defeated reasons, such as wealth and power. Those who gain such a “status” tend to be the most miserable, empty, and lost to themselves and the people they surround themselve with.
    May we walk together on this journey . . . I offer peace and love to you as well.

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  2. apai8296 says:

    So much true. Nice meeting you 🙂


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