Piconergy Impact Story (1)

Check out how Piconergy is trying to bring a change with the Helios and illuminate the houses having no access to electricity.
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Lets come to think of this, is it really that people from so-called ‘marginalized sections’ lack skills or the will to succeed in life? Are they not hard-wroking? or is it that our society has taken their existence for granted and ignored them completely.

Well, I think they are equally if not more entrepreneurial and hard-working, all they need, in most cases, is just a catalyst. They need our support in balancing the existing status quo, to come out of the serious deprivation.

Meet Noorjahan, one of our valued customers. She and her old mother run a small business of making hairpins. They are really good at it but they were forced to shut down their operations by 9 pm as they could only afford 2 hours of Kerosene lamp lighting every evening, and that too at a cost of about 500 Rs a month.

Now, Do you see the…

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